Ralph Bakshi

If you don't know the work of Ralph Bakshi then you should look it up. Some of his stuff I liked and other stuff not so much, in particular I was a big fan of one of his movie Wizards when I was a kid.

Anyway this is an amazing piece of footage of him speaking at a comic convention. Those of you who know what I've been up to with the making and selling of my own TV show over the past few years (something I must get around to talking about here on the Blog at some stage) will know this is an issue close to my heart. Stick to the man Ralph!


frank said...

Nice fantasy story pitch. Disney may show interest in making it into a film? Not much substance in the way of meaningful animation advice.

Bakshi doesn't seem to understand the difference between animators and film makers.

Ian said...

For many animators of Ralphs generation there is no difference. I was taught in a time when they merged. The most obvious step forward put to me when I studied was to apply for a goverment grant to make a film. There would be next to no point these days.

Bakshi is a film maker, if an animator asks a film make for advice what do you expect in the answer?