World War

World war is a very classy film from the University Of Hertfordshire. Often when there is one thing I don't like about a film people assume I hated the whole thing, so before I mention the one thing I didn't like just let me say. I LIKED THIS FILM. Weight, Timing, Design, character dynamics, there was plenty that was well above average for a student film. The one thing I don't like is the bullet time. In the Matrix, the bullet time served a purpose, it was showing us actions that were supposedly too fast for us to see, often the scenes were shown with relative objects that we took for granted as moving fast (ie. Bullets) to drive home the "speed" we were witnessing. When you just throw it in for no apparent reason apart from you think its cool, its bad symbolism and just comes off as nerdy as far as I'm concerned. That having been said, there is some cool stuff in this film, you wouldn't necessarily pick it as student work. So lets nerd it up together and enjoy World War.

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