The Office Myth

An editorial about your future workplace.


frank said...

Good article Ian. I think the design of the studio space at SBIT is good with the mixing of different years. It worked well in 2008.

There was the added benefit of also being aware when another class was being taught to keep the volume down by the others in the space. So, it gave wider spatial and personal awareness for some.

There seems to be a cetegory missing in your student types that would be the student who comes in, takes notes in lessons, communicates and interects with other students in the context of comparing works in progress, and gets some animation done. I think a good label would be the 'student'.

Are they rare?

Ian said...

Hehe maybe I'm getting too cynical. I don't know if I've ever seen a student (or many co-workers) who bring everything together in perfect balance, if they could then they wouldn't need to be studying.

Some students do all these things, but we all need to be looking for opportunities to improve. :)

Kristi said...

And no matter how many people in your workplace think it's a great idea, it is NEVER courteous to play cricket down the workstation aisles when other people are busy.

Ian said...

A good point Kristi, I can't believe I left that one out :P

Mustafa (Karl) Gee said...

haha, nice article ian.
must say that all those types of people also exist in the working department but for some reason when you get a good mixture we seem to keep each other in line and produce some descent stuff.(we work in one space as well)
so a whole space just for you rants; this could get entertaining.