Dust Echoes

Dust Echoes is a series of animated shorts telling traditional Australian Aboriginal stories creatively using a variety of animation techniques. There are quite a few, the links to the individual films are across the top of the page. They often employ interesting design, creative direction and beautiful colours.

An interesting note is that I first saw this on the TV and then went looking for it online, in over 3 years of blogging about animation I can't remember things ever happening in that order before. The Internet has pretty much become the exclusive home of innovative, experimental and even interesting animation. I saw this one on a relatively new station here in Australia, ABC2 a second layer to the Australian National Broadcasters transmissions (similar to BBC2 in the UK) made possible through the introduction of Digital TV in recent years. Bless the world public broadcasters, you gota love em.

Despite the policies of our recently elected government (of which I am a supporter) as stated prior to the election, rumours still persist about the possibility of a third ABC channel dedicated to children's entertainment. Keep your fingers crossed, it could have a huge impact on our local industry if the ABC suddenly has a whole channel to fill with kids shows.

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