More on Rules From Someone Smartera Dan Mes Is

I am a huge fan of 's blog, Temple of the Seven Golden Camels. Recently he did a great post about using flat or deep compositions in order to affect your audience in different ways (I've added it to the resource section under Layouts) . It sparked a debate in the comments about rules and if and when they should be broken. Mark responded in a post about rules that I think follows on nicely from my recent post on the subject. He is far more eloquent and convincing than I was, what a dood :)

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frank said...

"The enemy of art is the absence of limitations." - Orson Welles.

That is fantastic.

What a great post by Mark Kennedy.
I can't argue with the way he put it.

I couldn't actually argue with the way Ian put it when applying "rules" to animation*. That didn't stop me trying and look he brought in Mark Kennedy... GOAL!!!!!

*All I could do was confuse myself with semantics as I tried to find a debate. I'm not proud that is how my brain is wired.