Steve Baker's latest Flash film

Steve Baker, Brisbane-based Flash guy extraordinaire, has created a gorgeous short film about a stranded (and very cute) little alien.

It was funded by Mitsubishi, who wanted Steve to make a film that featured their latest car, and yet not be a "typical"commercial - it's more like a short film with a bit of product placement.

Steve used Flash for the most part, along with Photoshop (for colours and textures) and AfterEffects (for compositing, natch).

There are two other films that are part of the project (known as the Mitsubishi Super Shorts Series). They were also made by previous Tropfest winners.

Click the link, watch all the films and then vote for Steve's!


frank said...

I have never composted a natch. What is that all about?

Ian said...

Hey Big T

Nice to see you posting and a nice find

frank said...

I like Steve's ability to find some meaningful poses for a character that is pretty much a bean shape. When he is waiting on the car bonnet, didn't that just make you go, "Awwwww!".

frank said...

Tropfest will be on @ the Suncorp Piazza, Southbank on Sunday 22 Feb from about 6.30pm.

It'll be interesting to see the animation finalists.

Terry said...

I thought that last year's Tropfest was a little disappointing. Hope this year is a return to greatness.

Grrr... Frank... I'll show you composting!!!