A whole string of very cool clips (scroll down the page) combining character anims with live action clips. There are pages and pages of em and they are a good laugh.


Terry said...

That's gorgeous stuff, Ian. Could be a class exercise in that too. The integration of the animated characters is done so beautifully, and it's so darn cute to boot.

frank said...

I LOVE the one called "Hond Wassen", and if my Flemish doesn't fail me, that means 'washing the dog'. What a scream.

I'm going to have to LOL this. I usually don't lol anything. But this time I did actually laugh out loud. Crikey that was good and I do love a Pug, they're ripper little dogs and fantastic actors, obviously.

It is a really excellent combination of live action and animation.

I agree with Terry, I can see an After Effects exercise based on these examples.

Brilliant find Ian. You 'da man' (not the one the second years want to stick it to).

I remember you had a link in the old ARC to some live footage animation mix that you made and presented (2007?) What was that link?

Also I can see some bean/ egg shaped characters in those clips. That gladdens my pattering heart.

Ian said...

Its fun frying to figure out how they got the people to react. There is one at a bus stop, where the people move away from the character in disgust. If you listen you can hear coughing, like they got someone to sit in the spot and cough on the other people, then digitally removed him. Very clever.