New Goodies

For all my prattling on, I think its the resource section that really makes the ARC unique, so I love being able to add new goodies to it. Today I have a whole swag of great ones from some of the Arc's heavyweights.

The folk at Animation Physics actually emailed me to let me know they had a new document on the physics of balance up. How cool it that! (Body Mechanics Section)

Spline Doctors have just put up an excellent post about the importance of getting on with your decisions when animating. (Planning Section)

Victor Navone has a great new post on animating eyebrows up, I particularly likes the list of common eyebrow behaviours. (Character - Acting Section)

Carlos Baena has uploaded an excellent case study on how he plans a scene. (Planning Section)

Kieth Lango has uploaded a great little video tutorial on how to get rid of unruly twisting in your 3D animation. (Maya Tutorials Section)

Another great one from Kieth about choosing the right time to offset keys. (Drag and Overlap Section)

The tricks and tips blog poses a real problem for a cataloger of handy Internet animation knowledge like myself. There is so much good stuff there that I just can't keep up. Its all good, go there often, read it all..... Go on!

Isn't the internet grand? :)


Anonymous said...

Your "prattle" is the part of the blog that gives a unique insight to anybody at any level of an animation career. It's also genuine, insightful, and always rings with the clear intent of engaging your peers and students to think more about how to make great animation. It's a lot of great stuff your saying about how to really push and polish your work and how to deal with the creative hiccups on a psychological level.It's fantastic read (and think)too because it's an Australian animators experience too. Love the "prattle" and thanks for all these great links and being generous with your time when your already busier than most. Apologies if I've embarrased you, just keep on writing what comes naturally (as you do) because your intent to share your love for animation shines through. The personal tone of what you write makes the links seem more accessible, and is right in tune with the collabarative nature of the animation community.

Frank said...

Hi Ian

Thanks. I'll add some more blogs to follow.

Frank said...

I agree with Anonymous about your blogging style. It is very inclusive and passionate. A great read :)

Ian said...

Thanks for the encouragment folks. There is no need to worry, I'm not having a chrisis of confidence or anything. I just think that the internet is awash with people throwing ideas and opinions about animation around. Its a wall of information the likes of which have never been available for animators before. For a newcomer to the craft the hard bit must be knowing what is worth consuming and what isn't and in what order it should be consumed. Thats where the ARC comes in, its the only site I know of that tries to put some logical or to it all :)