FJORG! Animation Demo Reel

I thought this example of a show reel (for the FJORG competition*) was important to share, especially for animation students planning a show reel. If you are Generation Y and finding the download is taking too long, well just wait a little longer dognamit! It's worth it. *It was a good springboard for the animators launching into the animation industry: W. Jacob Gardner, Jim Levasseur, Tomas Jech.


frank said...

Yes Terry. It is the grail, the chalice! A narrative about an animation show reel.

That's like saying that thing I said the other day, "We're not looking at the spacing there, we're looking at the timing of the spacing. Or, it could be the placing of the timing. But not the placing of the spacing."

Animation is a great big gooey ball of oneness.

ang said...

This is fabulous and damn funny.