As part of my Education degree, I've preparing to make a short documentary called THE JOY OF ANIMATING.

My fellow filmmakers and I don't want it to be a "how-to-do-it" film or an industry overview... we just want to profile some talented and passionate animators talking about why they love what they do. (We've got some generous souls lined up already, including the ARC's very own Ian and Frank. Suckers!)

So, I'm curious, ARC people... why do you all love animating?

I'll start...

I love to make something from nothing. I love to make a living, breathing character out of blank pages and empty pixels. I like to Play God, I guess! And as a teacher, I love to see students do the same thing.

What about YOU?


Dognam Hippy said...

There was that book in the late seventies called "The Joy of Sex".

Maybe animation is analagous?

Possibly it's the feeling of creation, or the process of creativity?

It's being there balancing on the head of the pin. Where physics meets philosophy and we see the true face of God.

It's being at an interface. That indescribable, infintesimally thin meeting point of ocean and sky. Not knowing whether to swim or fly. But the pressing, massive, gentleness of the sky and the calmness of the ocean meet and wrestle birthing motion as a result.

Animation is part magic, part science, and part art tearing off a chunk of one's soul and watching it on the screen.

The symbiotic catabolism of imagination mixed with expression results in works filled to brimming tears of wonder.

And that's enough for me.

Ian said...

The more I animate the more I realise I just love timine and spacing. For many others I know animation is a tool used to communicate their design ideas. I think this is a crazy way to think of it because 95% of animation has nothing to do with making up new characters and worlds, it has to do with designing movement. Thats what I love.

Mmmmmm movement.

Terry said...

Say that in the doco, I-Man! And can you drool and stare into the distance, Homer Simpson-style, as you say "mmmm... movement...."?

Terry said...

And I love your comment, Dognam Hippy. Made me all teary and a reflective.

Alonso said...

I love it all. I want to bring pixels to life so that the audience knows the characters and cares about them as if they were family, even though they are just polygons. But I also love the satisfaction in nailing movement so that it is completely 100% believable. And then there's just something addictive about movement, like when James Baxter animates little swirly ribbons I love to watch it, it's just hypnotic.

Terry said...

Thanks Alonso... not just for this post, but for all of your always-worthwhile contributions.