The Power of Acting It Out 2 - (Act It Out Again)

In this 3 minute clip Ian is talking to animation students at the Southbank Institute of Technology in Brisbane, Australia about "Acting It Out".

Filmed March 2009. Lecturer is Ian Lacey animator and award winning animation educator.


Ian said...

These videos make me feel a little uncomfortable. Boy that guy moves around alot when he is public speaking, believe it or not I don't even know I'm doing half of that jumping around. Still, if its usefull its worth a little embarasement.

Frank we will have to work on some kind off better sound setup for my next one :)

Frank said...

I think you make good video reference for psychological gestures.

Yeah, the sound was just what was captured by the camera. I boosted it a bit in VirtualDub. We'll need a mike next time. That is, either a guy named Mike or a clip on microphone.

But I would hate to lose that action with a microphone anchor.