Walks, Runs and Those Damb Squiggly Lines

No blogging warms my heart more than delivering new resources to those who want to learn more about animating. With these two additions from new sources we have cracked the 60 mark, that's right through the arc resource section you now have access to over 60 different sources of credible animation goodness. Yuuummmmmy!

From the Line Of Action blog comes a clear succinct overview of one of the most confusing tools for those new to 3D animation, the graph editor. Added to the Maya Tutorials section.

This one is amazing, found by ARCker Franko, the Bio Motion Labs Walker lets you study the motion of different walks of different sex, attitude and weight from different angles, they have a Runner too. Added to the Walks and Runs Section.


Terry said...

That "Character Walk" resource had me giggling like a schoolgirl for hours. Great resource - thanks Ian and Frank.

Frank said...

I just did a survey of second years and most want to do their firts animated EAP (Essential Animation Principle) as a walk!

The motion maker might be helpful.

I found the walk reference from an animation forum at the 11sC.

But I think I'll guide them to a jump, or a take or a double take, initially.

Frank said...

That should be 'first'.

Ian said...

I do so many walks in my new job, I can't tell you. I can't think how it could be fit into the course, but they really need to be drilled over and over.

Frank said...

My plan is to start them with a "poses in walks" exercise, to think about personality in walks. Then build up from there.

Ian said...

Sounds good :)