Critique: The Compliment Sandwich

Get your compliment sandwich here An important skill for an animator is to be able to give and take critiques. To make it easier Eric Schuer has made it into a delicious sandwich. Eric is much nicer than me as my take on it was called, "Crushing Animators Dreams". Thank goodness for the sandwich!

As a social group, animators are an interesting species. Many animators grow up shy and reserved. ... But it can also leave a huge deficit when it comes to developing the social skills needed for critiquing each others' work, which turns out to be just as big a part of being an animator as setting keyframes. Read more

Constructive critiquing notes from Ian. See how industry professional animators critique.


Alonso said...

aren't we on the same wavelength :)

Frank said...

Yes Alonso we are, the ARC team, all of us riding the same wavelength. If we combine our animation mind powers we might be able to take on an iPod ;)

Willem Wynand said...

or summon somthing, like an animated troll or captain planet

Frank said...

lol Good one Will :)

I was teaching a class today and made an amusing comment. The next part is disturbing. I kid you not one of the students spake thus, "lol lol lol lol..."

What was that? Were they laughing out loud? It sounded like laughter but...!