Don Hertzfeldt - Interview

Don Hertzfeldt, creator of the Academy Award nominated Rejected short film, talks about animation in an interview recorded in late 2008 on a promotional tour for his latest film, I am so proud of you. Some interesting points about the importance of music and sound, and animating to rhythms and moods (especially in animation with limited 'visuals'). He also comments about exploring creativity when animators work in groups. There are comments about his more recent films and how 'good ideas keep' (as Ian kept telling us as students) until an animator gets skilled enough to animate them. Skill up, work on those fundamentals, 60 frames a day, so you can one day animate your ideas properly. Chew on the interview and suck out the marrow.

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Stu Dent said...

Man, that rejected film is a crack up, Lol!