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A crucial factor when animating is having a clear idea of what you want to achieve. That's why the nine old men placed such a strong emphasis on planning, they knew that when you can move forward decisively it empowers you to be the best animator you can be.
puzzle piece by Hjem
puzzle piece by Hjem

But no matter how much planning you do there are always going to be some parts of the scene that are clearer in your mind than others. When I'm animating I block out the poses that are clearest in my mind first, and when I'm polishing I sometimes work on the movements that I think I have the strongest feel for first. When you get these parts down, whats needed for the remaining parts often becomes clearer because you have context and contrast to consider. Its like a jigsaw, the closer you get to finishing the easier it becomes.

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Frank said...

Thanks Ian. This is particularly good advice as the first years move in to planning and animating their first piece of character animation. And the second years are working through their Essential Animation Principle scenes.