This blog is barely recognisable from when I started it about three years ago now. I love that blogs are always evolving and changing. The next step I've been working on for the ARC has been to broaden the input into the blog page in the hope that it will make for a more interesting and educational experience.

So behind the scenes I have been prowling the interned looking for likely victims to coax into making a contribution when they can spare the time or energy. So I'm pleased to announce some new friends of the ARC.

Alonso - I first became aware of Alonso when he commented on a few of the articles here, I followed the links back to his blog and found it a great read full of interesting stuff (I've found quite a few good links for the ARC there). Alonso is a former Animation Mentor student and now works in California.

Darren - I know Darren from when we worked together at Disney back in the day. He was a senior inbetweener when I started and helped me through my training. By the time I left he was a super hot shot FX animator (in the old 2D sense), and now he is a concept artist. His illustrative skills are in my opinion sublime.

Eric - Eric used to run a fantastic blog of his own where his posts on puppetry caught my eye, these days he is mainly focusing his online energy at helping out on the 11 Second Club forums. Eric is also an Animation Mentor graduate?

These three guys plus the contributions of existing members Frank, Terry and myself make for quite an eclectic group. Hopefully it will make for some interesting times.

The ARC is and always will be 100% non profit and free (we wostly link to the great work of others anyway). As such we depend completely on people devoting their own personal time to help out. Contributions from all of the friends of the ARC may ebb and flow in response to their other commitments, never the less I'm sure all readers are incredibly grateful (as am I) for any time and help you pitch in.

The search for more friends will continue..... wouldn't it be great if we could find a woman or two to pitch in too.


Frank said...

I look forward to seeing the posts from Alonso, Darren and Eric :)

Stu Dent said...

Hey this blog is a great find!