Walks, Process and 3D Rotations

Some yummy new resources.

Jason is a Dreamworks animator and in this post you can watch a timelaps screen capture of him animating a walk cycle. I was interested to see just how much of the animation he was creating in the graph editor. I do this but sometimes feel guilty about admitting it. Nice to know I'm not the only one. Added to the Walks and Runs Section.

Two great posts from Stephen Gregory, this first is an overview of what he teaches, but I think it makes for a great scene checklist and I'm adding it to the Process section.

This one from Stephen is about how keeping track of your rotation orders and keeping keys to a minimum in Maya can make your life soooo much easier. Added to the Maya tutorials section.

From the Coop Notes blog a good post about setting up a scene with referencing added to the Maya tutorials section.

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