9.99 - Etgar Keret and Tatia Rosenthal

"$9.99" is discussed on ABC TV. The "Scene by Scene" program has a 10 minute segment that is viewable online until 20/12/09.

Original post: From a comment made in the "Peter and the Wolf" post by Alonso, we get a lead to the trailer of a new Australian stop motion feature film "9.99".

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Chris Landreth said...

“$9.99″, a feature film by Tatia Rosenthal. A grownup animation, with lots of complex, confused and funny characters trying to make sense of a claustrophobic urban environment. About 5 parallel stories, a bit like “Crash” or “Short Cuts” but way funnier than either of these. Learning to swim like a dolphin never seemed so poignant.