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Something very cool has started to happen over the last few months. As the ARC is growing in popularity, people have started contacting me about their sites, asking if I could possibly link to them. Of course I can't link to everyone, but I'll do my best to look at every site suggested and the first two of these sites were brought to my attention this way

Chris from the Animation Career Pro blog contacted me some time back, now that his blog has built up some content its full of useful information. I'm going to link to his Animation Terms section from the Getting started section, but his whole site is worth a good rummage around.

The Colorotate site offers an interesting and unique way to come up with interesting and appealing colour combinations. There has been talk about narratives V's showreels on the ARC of late, in my opinion colour is one of the common weak points in student films so its worth looking into.

I've known of the Animation Backgrounds site for some time, but it wasn't until reader Rejesh emailed me that I considered it could be linked to as a resource. I'll add it ti the layout section. Thanks Rajesh.

Another interesting article brought to my attention by Frank a few weeks back is this one about tallent Vs hard work. I don't know if it counts as an animation resource, but still thought it was worth a quick mention.

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Frank said...

More good quality animation resources, the merrier the animation students searching online.