Peter and the Wolf - Alan Dewhurst et al

"'Peter and the Wolf' is an animated short film that won an Academy Award in 2008 ... The film is based on the 1936 composition of Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev." The animation is defintely worthy of your attention and when Prokofiev's music starts... Wow! Alan Dewhurst gave a lecture in Brisbane in May 2009.


frank said...

It was a good turn out tonight for the Alan Dewhurst lecture at Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

He spoke quite a bit from a film producer's perspective but gave many leads for animators to follow for looking up Polish films and BAFTA winning student films.

It was a good lecture with the animation students sketching away and the round table discussion over fish and chips showed that there was some interest taken. Many comments about styling and the smoothness of the stop motion form. The intensity of the facial acting with so much communicated through the eyes...

Alonso said...
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Alonso said...

(trying again with working links :)

Been mention of Stopmotion a fair bit on this blog lately (peter and the wolf, mary and max), thought I'd throw out the main stopmo forum I know of of great advice and hints on getting into it, plus a handy handbook collecting a lot of the basic noob questions. (they're kind of sore at computer animation, so avoid that topic :P )

Stopmotion is a great way to practice, because it's all straight ahead, so it's quick to get some frame mileage under your belt. It's bootcamp training, you have to keep track of your spacing and follow through in your mind because you can't go back and do it in another pass, think how that will improve your speed in other mediums. And stopmo is totally capable of being smooth, surface gauge's and onion skinned software are the secret.

It's easy to get sucked into all the fancy stuff on building a puppet, but all you really need is a web cam, some free software, and some wire. If you make your puppet light enough you can stick it's feet to the table with tape, otherwise you'll need to use tiedowns.

Youtube has some good video tutorials on making armatures and things.

Oh, and another Australian Feature length stopmotion film that came out last year is 9.99, haven't seen it mentioned here yet.