Poetreet - Bernard Derriman & Arj Barker

At last Arj and Poopy have another episode. Animated by Australian animator Bernard Derriman. This link via Cassie Ward's Artistry Gone Awry blog to a Derriman interview.


Willem Wynand said...

=) wow that looked quite decent =D i watched some of arj and poopy a while back and really disliked it, although i really enjoy bernard derrimans animations and arj barkers comedy, arj and poopy never really found a place in my heart.
But this was really well writen =) it had a nice point to the story each line would have had to be though out =) the animation was quite nice =) good to see bernard puting in some more effort, winning that award and working on kenny the plumber with adam philips must really have rubbed of on him =D thanx for the link

frank said...

Hey Will

Thanks for dropping by and making a comment.

Which award did you mean, the Annecy one or Tropfest back in 2001?

Glad that Arj and Poopy have made inroads into your animation consciousness.