Reach - Luke Randall

Sarah and Cassie, two first year animators, drew my attention to this film in a research session in class today. It is an AnimationMentor student graduate film by Australian animator Luke Randall (showreel), who just got a job with Dreamworks Animation. Winner Judges Choice Grand Winner - Sydney Festival 09 IInet Get Animated; Winner 2nd Place Best Film - Stinkwater International Short Film Festival; Winner Award of Merit in Animation -The Accolade Film Awards 09 (USA); Winner 1st place Best Student Film - Southbeach International Animation Festival (USA); Winner Best Animation - DeReel Independent Film Festival; Winner Best Student Film - Newtown Flicks Film Festival; 2nd Place/Finalist - Cannes Short Film Corner Online Competition; more info...

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Ian said...

Oooh I love it!

Restrained use of colour.

Simple chatacter design.

Emotion through posing and movement.

A rare treat :)