The Beatles

Another amazing find Kristi sent my way..WOW. I've asked Kristi if she would like to post in the past and she has declined, but I think I'll put her on the side menu I'm making to list friends of the ARC anyway because she sends me great links and makes great comments. Thanks again Kristi


frank said...

That was great. Have to give a nod to Sarah M for having a taste of this clip up on her blog for the past week but the YouTube clip was taken down. But I saw Kristi's post in the TF2 comments about the Beatles cinematic at the same time.

It's great that so many animators are switched on to the fast moving changes in animation styles we're sight seeing through.

Willem Wynand said...

i LOVE it, from the awsome multiplaning backgrounds to the unique style, to the smooth animation... defnitly in awe =) somday somtime hehe =D thanx for the post, sarah the loud one found this a while back also =) its awsome and covered in smarties, mnms, oreos (the kind thats even good for dogs) and smothered in caramel sause... mm a sticky treat

Ian said...

Yeah :P Kristi had sent me the link a while ago. Took me a bit to get around to posting it.