Thanks to Alice from 1st Year who pointed me to this wonderful entry into the recent Doritos "Australian Commercial Competition". Entrants had to design a 30-second TVC, with the winner receiving $20,000. I'm a little stunned that this didn't win.

Titled Come and Ride My Cactus Horse, it's by Maik Hempel, Brisbane animator and former QCA student, who also collaborates with former SBIT boy Adam Leigh on the "so-bizarre-it-makes-Gefiltefish-look-normal" Rashman series.

And while I'm chatting, check out the lovely blog of Adele Thomas, freelance animator, Flash guru and Maik's partner.

I love Adele's bold, expressive character work. Adele is a great example of a talented animator who isn't afraid to sell herself and to work really, really, really hard. Oh, and if you ever see her, tell her she looks like Lara Croft. She LOVES that!


Frank said...

Adele's blog is great and she looks like Lara Croft.

That spikey cactus horse clip reminded me a lot of Bigfish' Fest.

Adele K Thomas said...

yeah, she looks like her whe Jolie was hot back in 2003...but thats just my opinion...
haha, thanks for the lovely compliments Terry and for the link to Maiks work...I have just posted his new reel on my blog too...its kickass.
Im now working in Melbourne for Studio Moshi, did some layouts and flash character animation for their pilot and now working on concepts for their pilot related project.Id love to get the chance to paint some bgs...but you cant do everything!
Personal work related, i have been shortlisted as an illustrator for a childrens book and I have entered my tv series idea into the 2009 Animation Magazine Pitch Party (I think its going to be in the August edition and will be seen at this years comicon in print) and there will also be an online readers poll voting from June 15...ill be posting the link on my site.