Animation at BIFF!

The Brisbane International Animation Festival is kicking off now, and there are a few sessions that could be of interest to animators.

Dennis Tupicoff is a Melbourne-based animator whose short films are national treasures. Films like Darra Dogs, His Mother's Voice and the new film Chainsaw must be seen if you're an Australian with an interest in animation. BIFF is presenting two sessions of his short films. Heavy-going but beautifully made stuff.

The Secret of Kells, the Irish feature I blogged about recently, is part of the program. I'm definitely going to try to catch that one.

Nocturna is a Spanish children's feature that looks quite beautiful.
There are also several short films scattered about the program, mostly teamed up with other films - like The Cat Piano (a great Aussie short narrated by Nick Cave, and more than a little creepy... but then, it IS narrated by Nick cave!) and Slaves (a Danish short that looks pretty depressing!).
Big thanks to Cassie Ward for reminding me about BIFF!


Frank said...

The 'Cat Piano' is by the PRA ~ Peoples Rebublic of Animation in South Australia. I'd like to catch it as well as some of those others.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Terry, a good reminder!