Bernard Derriman Article

SBIT students will be familiar with some of the work of Bernard Derriman, like the Arj & Poopy series and (especially) the clip to the TISM song Everyone Has More Sex Than Me (the one with the oh-so-cutesy rabbit). Here's an interesting article about him from The Age newspaper.

He's another former Flash animator who's switched over to Toon Boom's Animate Pro... I've been hearing very good things about that program!


Alonso said...

Bernard Derriman is cool! My favorite Arj & Poopy is Congo Windfall because Bouncy is such a fabulous example of milking poses and using strong lines of action (not to mention great texture in timing and nice arcs)

His kids stuff (Big Green Rabbit?) stuff is fun too.

Dudes definitely a pro

Ian said...

I worked at Disney at the same time as Bernard, he's a big rugged bloke.

I inbetweened a few of his scene on Extreemly Goofy Movie and Lion King 2. Man can he draw! Bold meaningful pencil strokes the put me in mind of Glen Keane.

Here's the inside goss on him you won't get on any other site. He's a darn good ping pong player too, kicked my but in the rec room on a friday arvo quite a few times :P

Terry said...

Name-dropper, I-man!

Ian said...


These days I doubt he'd even recognize me. I was a swampy hippy back then.

Mitch said...

I love Derriman's work, well what I've seen of it so far. Seen a few arj and poopy's and the music video EEHHMSTM. It's always nice having a background in disney but being tight with a rising star comedian like Arj Barker isn't something you can get out of any course. Derriman is a nice example of what you know and WHO you know that gives you a nice step up in the world.

Contacts are always important and knowing a loud mouth like Arj is always handy.