Henson Digital Puppetry

Puppets and animation come even closer together with the help of high powered computers, software and motion capture suits. It is very interesting how the puppeteer does the lip synch and facial expressions. A hand inserted in a special rig that links directly to the character's facial animation software so that the puppeteer can produce the voice and animation in real time. Some animators see the looming gates of doom for the craft with this technology. It certainly is an interesting career to be pursuing.

Ooo, a bit of a mo' cap debate firing up in the comments. Don't go in there. There may be dancing penguins!


Keith Lango said...

"The conventional wisdom on mo-cap has been that it was only good for realistic stuff like VFX and for Zemeckis' zombies, and that it looks like crud when applied to a more cartoony style. And true enough there have been very poorly performed mo-cap driven CG shows and projects over the years. But sooner or later I knew we'd see somebody do it right."

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Willem Wynand said...

I still think it looks boring and bland... and defnitly needs an animators loving touch.
thanks frankie =D

Frank said...
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Frank said...

Correction: for the insatiably curious (I meant mo cap not stop mo)

Thanks for your comment Will.

It's the animator's task to take reality by the scruff and push the ideas it gives us into something more amazing.

Maybe this mix of motion capture (of dancers or flamboyant actors) and the puppeteers craft is a step closer to the magical world of animation than current motion capture and rotoscoped animation?

Dognam Hippy said...

I don't see any dancing penguins!

What's with the dancing penguins??

frank said...

I was talking with Sheldon from BigFish today and he said that he uses a similar system in their live shows (click on 'live shows' and watch the video) for children in Brisbane.