Jesus 2000 & Cardboard - double feature

How many arms does Jesus have when he lands at the table after jumping through the window?

Interesting animation x 2 being watched by 1st year animators in their coffee break(s). Thanks to Andrej and Bobbi for these.

Check out some of these fantastic inbetweens from 'Jesus 2000'! Check out some of these fantastic inbetweens from Jesus 2000


Willem Wynand said...

links are down frank =(

Willem Wynand said...

jesus 2000

cardboard animation(defnitly faked in after effects =))

Ian said...

broken links fixed :)

Thanks Willem ;)

Frank said...

Ah yes, that was my little test for you Will. Well picked up.

I wonder why the Vimeo links didn't work. Probably me typing in the post.

So Will, or any lurkers, how many arms on the table slap inbetweens?

Terry said...


Frank said...

If I was doing the stop mo' assignment the 1st year animators are working on, I would so take so much inspiration from the cardboard one.

There was another film of a cat skeleton running when filmed out of a train, that was awesome as well.

Is that a word Terry?