Cordell Barker masterclass online

One of my favourite short films is The Cat Came Back by Cordell Barker (see it HERE). What a beatiful, quirky film - love the shaky linework. Another National Film Board of Canada classic.

You can watch a fascinating masterclass with Cordell Barker HERE. He has some verrry interesting things to say about storytelling, discipline and economy. There is s fascinating comparison between animation with jazz music. Short filmmakers should take note.

(This post is bought to you by Steve Baker, animation filmmaker extraordinairre, who sent me the link to Cordell's masterclass.)

(Image pending!)

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Frank said...

Hey Terry :) Thanks for posting these great links. I think the National Film Board of Canada site is one for every animator's favourites list.

I particularly liked, in Cordell Barker's talk, about the use of multiple limbs on certain frames to achieve the frantic run in the forest. Using multiple limbs and thinking of their spacing can give an animator that half frame timing that they need in polish without effecting the timing in the animation. It's a nice trick, like the smear frame.