2nd Yr Student Work - Gobelins, Paris

The Annecy Film Festival in France is a dream destination for animators. Each year the students from Gobelins in Paris develop signature identity animation for the festival. A selection for 2010 are appearing on the Gobelins YouTube channel.


Anonymous said...

Even their briefs are interesting and amazing. Lovely art design, colours, getting a very modern (art) look, but this rips with that fluid animation. Did you like Spacejunk best? It seemed very "whole" for want of a better word.

Frank said...

"Junk Space" hadn't been posted when I blogged, so I'm glad I came back and read your comment Michelle.

I definitely do like it. I think it has the strongest visual design appeal. I can imagine that you liked the textured 2D finish and the non-outline design. The colours had a lot of thought and planning, as well as a sense of control to stay with that set pallete. I think it is a sign of strong visual design sense in an animator when they work the magic within boundaries such as a restrictive colour palette.

However, that being said, they are layers on top of the animated movement. All the Gobelins students seem to grasp 'texture in movement' so well. Excellent use of timing and spacing. Solid drawing with fantastic poses. They push squash and stretch. The character designs always work so well in silouhette.

I could go on and on... and I do.

Every year these Annecy 'openers' are a second year taster to the final projects the third years produce at the end of June and we get to see just a bit later (that is, if they are not in line for an Academy Award, or winning multiple festivals).

Anonymous said...

:) Yes, all that you said. I think I'd have much less interest in them if they didn't have such great unexpected mini narratives and yes that very satisfying to watch animation. (As much as I'm blown away by their art design).I just watched your 2 x posted "surfin" animation videos over at Animation Cogitation and that's how these animations make you feel: like you are inside a moving tube of flowing arcs. I get how your animation mind is thinking, nice one.