Continuing an interest in European animation and French animation schools this is a 2008 graduate team's film from Ecole des Métiers du Cinéma d'Animation (EMCA) situé à Angoulème. Do not watch if you have pupaphobia.

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Anonymous said...

The tree and butterflies are such powerful images. I had to watch this twice because in some parts I found the character a little stiff, but watching it again I figure that this is not a stretch and squash comedy so some floatingness seems surreal and okay and and anyway it's such a strong series of situations and images. I love the use of the sock it's an original touch contrasting with the dark themes, and still adds a bit of surreal humour even when it turns into the flytrap/claw. This animator did something really clever and played with scale and illusion very maturely.
What a beautiful and outstanding student animation!