The silence beneath the bark - Joanna Lurie

A first year animator was doing some research in the library and came across this beautiful animated short film by Joanna Lurie. (nice work Melinda)

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Ian said...

What a wonderful find!

Some things of note from some of my recent classes -

colour with the first years - that would be a restricted colour harmony (greeny grays) with the complimentary colours (browny oranges) used to draw the eyes attention to the characters. And non of it over saturated.

Character posing with the second years - Note how Line of Action is used to show changes in the characters attitude and how the first characters power center changed once he had his little revelation down by the river.

Also I was talking to both years about "the look" of different kinds of animation. Can you believe these characters are 3D?!?!? I didn't even realize until I saw the making of doco on the web site.

Wonderful wonderful wonderful. :)