The Art of Animation Business... and Freedom


What was that worth? The animated film you just watched.

Value for money.

Value and money. Do they mix?

Thinking and feeling are often erased by dollars and nonsense.

Beancounters, shareholders, alleged 'creative' teams, investors, committees and risk managers; all assigned to tuck the expression of creativity neatly under the bulge of the bell curve. The combination of aversions and blinkers grinds deep furrows, ruts, for artists to stumble toward the mediocre.

Nelson Boles.

How did you do?

What did you invest? "flash and AE and love"

Then to present such a beautiful creation for free on the Internet.

How will you live?


Ahh, you're a student. Your work markets the animator, not the other way round.

There is a wonderfilled freedom in being an animation student that is sometimes only noticed in the rearview mirror.

A return to study for skilled animators can yield a lost sense of freedom satisfaction that money can't buy.

It is personally why I think the Gobelins "student" films are so good and why many of us will always be animation students. Even if it's for free using the Internet.

4 comments: said...

Hi frank, i thought this animation was so beautiful, a true gift, love cole

Frank said...

Hi Nic

It is a student animation. An animator to watch. Thanks for dropping by.

JKR said...

Indeed. I myself have been doing free animation to make the world a happier place for going on eight years now. It doesn't pay the bills, but the value I get is immense. Sadly (or maybe not, but "differently" in any case) the time has come to move forward and now I need to find a way to achieve my goals AND be able to keep the electricity running. It's going to be a new journey...

Frank said...

JKR - it is two 'ugglings' combined. Struggling and juggling, isn't it? I look at It and see what is within my control. Create more animation and less bills is the way I want to try it. Hunger has it's own contentment. Thanks for surfing by.