I've just added the first content to the Advice for Students section, not much yet, but more to come. :)


frank said...

It's great that you linked to the "Rambles". I read them over and over as all the info that's crammed in my brain starts to filter into making sense.

Look forward to maore Rambles. How about taking us through your thoughts on work flow and how it is challenging to try and teach it?

Ian said...

I've asked Shawn Kelly about his thoughts on teaching work flow and was hoping to hear his thought before rambling on myself. Hopefully he will get around to it at some stage.

Do you think rambles should have a conclusion? I wouldn't have one for a ramble on work flow, in my mind the jury is still out.

frank said...

I think a ramble is an exploration. Picking up and examining interesting objects along the way. If there is a conclusion and it can be reached, well that's a fine way to end a ramble. But sometimes you just have to leave animators out in the paddok in the cold and dark, and let them find their own way to a conclusion.