Check out this ambitious cinematic for the new Sonic Unleashed game.


Ian said...

A cheeky note for Frank >:) .......

Isn't Sonic a massively successful games franchise that has been runing for well over a decade where the hero achieves his goals without the use of punching, kicking or guns? :P

frank said...

I will check this allegation at the Game On exhibition at the State Library of Queensland.

And what I have to say to you Ian is, "Game On!"

Ian said...

Another thing I've been thinking about lately is the Wii.

If I'm not mistaken the Wii is growing in popularity faster than any other game consol.

At the moment the TV is awash with adds for Wii games, cheerleading, play music, skateboarding, etc. But no violence.

Guitar Hero is another non violent games phenominon worthy of a mention.

If you think about it there are so many very popular games that are not violent.

The Sims
Mario Bros
Viva Pinyata
A whole range of Sports Games that form the backbone of the EA games empire.