Ian's Animation Army

I may be finishing up as a permanent teacher this year, but the actual teaching and many of the students have become too important to me for a total break in ties. I hope to stay involved through a series of evening guest appearances at Southbank Institute of Technology over the coming year.

I thought it might be nice to stay in touch with ex-students, new students, teachers and anyone else who is interested via a semi regular mail out. In it I plan to talk about specific animation problems that students are facing, and give out any advice that I think will help. While much of the advice will be of a more specific nature than what is featured here on the ARC I don't see why anyone else who thinks it might be worth a read couldn't sign up too. I don't really expect to be swamped with members, the ARC itself only manages a modest number of visitors as it is and I realise people have busy lives. But maybe we can connect with a small number of highly motivated folk instead of shooting for a large audience.

Some may have noticed I have had a little sign up gismo down on the left hand side of the ARC for a few days now, from a technical point of view it has been a problematic launch, and it wasn't working properly for a few days. So if you have already tried to sign up and it hasn't worked I would ask you to please try again, if it works you should get an email asking you to confirm your membership to the mailing list from Aardvark. Apologies to anyone who has been mucked around.

I learn from having to articulate things about animation too so together we can march forth with animation knowledge as our weapon of choice.

You can sign up HERE.

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