Tim Burton and Shane Acker - '9' feature animation

'9' opens in Australian cinemas on Wednesday 9th Dec 2009.

Ian has a previous post about Shane Acker's award winning short film '9'. It is being made into an animated feature and 2 clips are available for viewing (a trailer & 2 minutes of the film).


frank said...

I particularly noted the poses struck by the 'chief' (for want of a better description). The way he was curious and thinking about running but also mesmerised. Take a good close look at that. Great posing.

Also look at the physsical action of '7' jumping. Lovely animation, conveying believable weight, sweet timing and spacing, your subconcious will read some lovely arcs. Generally very appealing animation.

(A good inspiration for animation students starting on animating their Essential Animation Principle scenes.)

Tick off that list of animation principles!

Stu Dent said...

Wow! That looks like an awesome film. How good is the background design!

frank said...

I got to see the film.

The animation was fantastic.

But the story was a bit hollow.

Acker seemed to want to move the story from one (well animated) action scene to the next. They all became homogenous.

And when he did allow for a scene of quiet, it was a lame and tentative romance moment that seemed so out of place and character.

Elijah Wood as the lead character voice was poorly pitched and the chracter "9" showed no real concern for his tribe as he kept leading them back into danger to try and fix his repetitive poor decision making and actions. I guess he at least had persistence.

The chracter design was appealing. The sound design was good.

It won't challenge Up or Wall.E. but definitely worth a look for the skill shown by the animators in the physical animation.