Create a short animated story - Australian animator Luke Randall

Luke now works at DreamWorks. There is a post about his student film "Reach" on the ARC earlier this year that includes a link to his show reel. This post, however, is even better because it links to how he made his animated short story. A process that the 2nd year animators at Southbank Institute of Technology should take note of as they form ideas for their own narrative. Luke makes reference to a book by Robert McKee called Story.


Anonymous said...

Phew...really beautiful AND simple.
He says he got one comment that the acting was "too stagey or disengenuous". I don't know if I can see this, can anyone else? I thought he was using the classic comedy from the side and longshot, (from: Temple of the Seven Golden Camels blog) so the movements had to "speak" distinctly at times. Such a nice sequence when he wakes. That's a good resource, Frank, the animatic and making of, lots of food for planning thought.

Terry said...

Wow! What a simple and elegant little story.

Yes, I agree, Michelle... nothing struck me as "too stagey or disengenuous".

I like how he credited McKee's STORY book. That is an excellent book that challenges filmmakers to consider the audience at every stage of the production process, and giving al sorts of useful tips for engaging and "manipulating" (that sounds terrible, doesn't it!) the audience.