I don't post commercials very often, but this piece makes for such a beautiful study of timing and spacing. It seems more short film than ad, I especially like the simple opening, but its all good. Inspirational.


frank said...

The timing as the character works through the preparation stretches was very satisfying.

The art design in a graphic pen style is appealing.

I think Nike funded the animation. I'm not sure it was an advertisement. Or did I miss something? (I watched it with the sound off).

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I love the way he falls forward into the run and his eyes grip shut at that point just that tad longer. It expresses his resolution so well. I just did a walk cycle with a big tangle of trees that my character almost got lost in. This was a timely reminder about clarity in backgrounds.Wow, this forest the character runs through, with its beautiful strong black linework really blew me away. I think using yellow for the character gives it that happy purity. I loved the natural running movements to the beat of the warm-hearted song so much. I know I should be asking whether it was 3D but really just got how good this piece is. Hey, wasn't Nike a messenger for the Gods? Anyway that sure was hitting some sort of arhetypal almost mythical spot while warming the heart simultaneously with the homely Jim Henson features of the character and the familiarity of the Homer Simpson Yellow. It starts so simply then literally hits the ground running. I bloody did like it.Thanks for that bit of "onwards" inspiration.

frank said...


What a lovely, eloquent review.

Yes it's 3D.