Chalkboard Animation

Firekites - AUTUMN STORY - chalk animationI was wondering about what I found interesting, looking through animator's eyes, about this chalkboard style of animation by Lucinda Schreiber . It comes down to seeing the evidence of the struggle. I like that we get to see the spacing of inbetweens in the not fully erased lines.


Alonso said...

that's a sweet little short.

What's extra cool is that the chalkboard is working like onion skin and you can see the spacing :)

frank said...

Yes, definitely Alonso. Well described: "onion skin", so you can see the drawings underneath.

As a critique of the animation, not the style and art work that went into creating the film, I think the spacing is too even in the film. But that may have been an artistic choice to 'flow' with the music? I would have pushed the spacing a bit more, in my hands.

... And as an aside, if anyone ever needs a name for a chracter in a film, I think these word verification (under the "Leave your comment" text box) produce some rippers! Today I got, "popwomp". What a great name for a frog.