Reminder - ARC Student Animation Challenge

Ian Lacey, award winning animation educator and industry animator in Brisbane, Australia, reveals insights on how to become an employable animator.

This guest lecture, to animation students studying in a 2 year Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media (Animation), was delivered in March 2009.

Ian is the driving force behind the Animation Resource Centre blog:
This post made by Frank.


The Loud One said...

Haven't forget a bit. :D That was a brilliant lecture and I do hope we will be seeing a lot more of Ian in the near future. His passion and zest is contagious!

Cheers for the reminder though, Frank

Frank said...

Hi Sarah

We hope to get Ian in for another guest lecture, hopefully in the second half of May, or early June.

Some of the students need another dose of Ian's infectious passion for animation rather than the flu.

Your blog is looking great. Thanks for posting stuff.

How about posting up some of those 60fr a day animations?