Are you REELy on a break?

The animator featured in this post is Deter Brown. His show reel is included on a page of 'inspiring' reels for animator Andrew Innes. Deter's web site is a fun interactive animated site. Currently animators from SBIT are on mid-year break. Many are launching into nailing down the planning for their major projects (narrative). Some are contemplating designing a show reel targeted at the games industry in Brisbane, and some may be thinking about how they are going to promote themselves to the employers in the animation industry. Whichever path they map out, the key important thing to remember is that they are on a break from classes but not from animation. Be productive with your time. Animate.


Frank said...

The first reel on the inspring reels web page, may be of interest to fans of Meet the Spy and Left for Dead.


Frank said...

Aspiring character animators are encouraged to check out the show reel by Andrew Hunt. A Welsh animator who teaches a Masters course in animation in Beijing, China. Check out how well an animator can move some of the common free rigs.