Meet the Spy (Again) - TF2 - Valve Software

The original Meet the Spy cinematic post was one of the more popular recent posts on the ARC. Let's meet the spy again and look at how art direction: Phong highlights, Lambert shaders, colour swatches, texture maps, that relate to design concepts used by Hayao Miyazaki in his animated films' background designs, and strong silhouettes in character design are all planned in this game environment. Set your ears to 'stunned' for some of the technogarb. And be shocked that you understand most of what is described. (There is some advertising at the start of the clip, but by reports from 2nd year animators it's for quite an entertaining film)

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Alonso said...

what I find more interesting is that Studio Ghibli (Miyazaki's shop) is actually collaborating with a game team(level 5) to make a game (Ninokni), I think mainly doing the character design and BG :)


I think it's a japanese RPG for the DS, so I expect LOTS of cutscenes. (* correction 15 minutes of animation from Ghibli)

kotaku's articles on it