The Cat Piano - The People's Republic of Animation

Keep alert to the PRA's "The Cat Piano". Recently in competition at Annecy and winner of best animation at the Sydney Film Festival Dendy Awards. Hey, I dropped a name around here somewhere, anybody see it? Ah there it is, Nick Cave is the narrator. PRA are embarking on a feature animation project soon (so maybe get to know them better). Prize for the first animation student who can answer where PRA are based in Australia.


Cassie said...

Hi Frank,
Do I get the prize? The PRA is in Adelaide. Actually at:
*The People's Republic of Animation*
Suite 129-130, Level 1, 33 Pirie Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Kristi said...

Congratulations to the People's Republic of Animation on their OSCAR NOMINATION!

I do love this piece, bright primaries, spare designs and twisted concept, but for me it's all about the narration, not the animation. (And that was before I even knew who the narrator was.)

I don't think that Cat Piano is sufficiently technically accomplished to win an Oscar, but that won't stop me from hoping. Go you guys.