The Kinematograph

Regular ARC visitor and dear friend Kristi sent me a link to this preview for a film called The Kinematograph. Stunning detail, a gorgeous restricted colour pallet, stoic characters design (although perhaps not very expressive). Its well worth a look, thanks Kristi.


Mitch said...

o000ooo, Well you've certainly got my attention Ian. The visual style is off the charts for me.

Jess 'Jaybird' B said...

This looks BEAUTIFUL.

frank said...

Looks interesting. Thanks Kristi, for revving up Ian and the ARC.

Reminds me of the problem I had with the character design in Tales of Despereaux.

Those long faces are not good for watching close ups on a big screen because the mouth is so far from the eyes. And in a close-up they are really far about on the screen.

Terry said...

It is beautiful in a sense, but it's also a bit too "uncanny valley" for me... the movement looks a litle TOO naturalistic. That's a problem with motion capture, I guess. I wish it was a little more stylised.

luq said...


I animated some scenes ;) in this project and maybe 2 shots have a litte Motion C where you see all city with a lot of peoples walking.
I hope you like it. :)


Frank said...

Hey Luq

Thanks for dropping by.

I can tell you that my 3D class was well distracted by the clip last week.

If you ever drop by Brisbane, please come and talk with my animators. they're as hungry as zombies for animators' brains.