Papiroflexia - Joaquin Baldwin

First year animator Bobbi found the highly awarded Papiroflexia by the 2009 Student Academy Awards - Animation Winner and Festival de Cannes - Winner Short Film Corner 2009, Joaquin Baldwin. Bonus film: The actual 2009 winning film is Sebastian's Voodoo.


Cassie said...

This video is awesome, good on first years to show some courage and find stuff for themselves.
Experiment, be Inspired and Apply as much as you can to your animation.

Frank said...

I found it interesting how when working in 3D as compared to 2D this animator was more effective in framing his story. The 2D film had a lot of direct side view shots, where the 3D film had more effective low camera angles and pearspective shots to enhance the animation principle of staging.

Frank said...

perspective... Speaking of which, Ian always encouraged his animators to not be shy of animating in perspective and use foreshortening in 2D.