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Cafe Serre




Frank said...

Oceansize was full of action but what was going on?

Was it the Kraken?

Anonymous said...

It was either an oil monster or something that needed the oil as it's environment and was obviously out to destroy the threat to it's environment. I've often wondered if oil has an insulating or buffering effect. Flamingoes stand in acid and now scientists know stomach ulcers are caused by bacteria existing in the acid of our gut where they previously thought nothing could exist, so.....Did you check out the heat of some of the comments? One lady was brave and criticised positively. The sound was truly amazing and the suspense hooked me. I loved the extremes of the angles and the disorientation that came from the quick changes in scale and points of view. First I thought it was a boyish adventure, but then I was hooked on the visual beauty of the shots. It wasn't just technique, this stuff requires a love and understanding of cinematography. Someone complained there was not enough story but a story can be simple but like this one it can have many layers and multiple interpretations.I loved someones comment that the oilbeast was from nature and had we thought about that it,oil, was not really "ours" or people friendly. Oil is certainly the monster once it has been sucked out of the planet and faught over in our time. Whale oil used to be a super popular commodity! So was the monster a metaphor for the dangerous monster that oil, petroleum products and carbon emmissions have become :a kind of Kraken awoken, pissed off and seeped in an oily very organic motivation to survive human greed and stupidity? Crikey, I must be on holiday to have time to ponder all this.... who let me out?

Anonymous said...

Besides interpretive blather, I just want to add that as an animation student, what really struck me was the huge amount of planning that must have been undertaken by these students and their dedication to achieving something really cohesive and professional. It's good for the bar to be set so high.