Interactive Animations

We interrupt our regular ARC programming for this special bit of SBIT classwork...

The SBIT 2nd Year students are just about to begin working on a piece of interactive Flash animation. They can either make an animated website or some other kind of interactive animation, like a simple game. (We're not programmers though, so I emphasise the word SIMPLE.)

In this thread, I'd like students and anyone else who'd like to contribute to post links to some good examples of animated websites and interactive animations. (Please note that we're not looking for static webpages featuring a nice animated film playing in a Youtube box! The animation needs to be INTEGRATED into the site.)

I'll start by linking to the Liquid Animation website. This is a stylish and attractive site that is animated very nicely indeed. It's mainly the transitions that make this an "animated" site, and they're simple but effective... they bounce nicely! Also, the interface is clean and uncluttered... it's easy to find your way around.

This funky Dogstar site promotes the Australian-made children's series. Gorgeous stuff.

Flinch Studios' website is a great model for SBIT students... very clean, with some nicely integrated Flash character gags and stylish transitions.

Joe Shields (aka. Joe Cartoon) was one of the earliest and most popular creators of interactive Flash animations... I remember seeing "Frog in a Blender" back in 2000. His interactive Flash gags are a bit nasty, but if you're the kind of person who enjoys seeing cartoon gerbils getting their nether regions chewed off by pirahnas, you'll love his stuff!

This Alice in Wonderland interactive animation points to another path that students might want to take... making an interactive narrative. It could be a linear story with clickable elements, like this one, or you could easily make a "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure" styled branching narrative.

What are some of your favourite examples of Flash interactive animations? Post them here, and tell us why you like them!


Kristi said...

This link hopefully works better for JoeCartoon

Alexandra Raineri said... is a good site for for a mistory and i love the balls of fun with the nerds

Anonymous said...

It's a (irritatingly difficult) game. There is also a few sequels by the same author

(from Kate 'cause I fail at remembering usernames and passwords and as such am not logged in on this comp :P)

Anonymous said...

There's also some wierd little flash games in here too

(it's me again lol :P)

Terry said...

Thanks Kristi... I've fixed that JoeCartoon link now.

Terry said...

Thanks Kristi... I've fixed that JoeCartoon link now.

frank said...

I like the animated web site by Animation Mentor graduate Deter Brown

It has that traditional media 'look' and poppy sound effects. It stays animated all the time with the traditional looking linework.