Ever wonder why your animation is not that good?

Ever wonder why your animation is not as good as the animators' you look up to? Eric Scheur advises animation students to give themselves some time and permission to improve their animation in his latest "helpful hint".


Anonymous said...

Great post and this goes great with Ian's energy post as above and I think it is a great idea to understand that time is needed to get a really great pose. I'm believing in this way of thinking because fudging it, or winging it hoping it'll all turn out isn't good enough for me anymore. Putting a lot of effort into your key poses (and breakdowns) the first time around seems a smart act to me even though I'm new to Maya. I keep posting here because I do feel comfortable and accepted here like it's worthwhile being a student and because it's a generously laidout world of animation resources and I can listen in and talk shop.

Frank said...

You are most welcome to discuss animation topics here Michelle. From the conversation you will unearth the jewels that will pave your animation pathway.

Your comments are much appreciated.