Story Post- An Appreciation

Sometimes I go hunting for resources, but other times I'm just ambling around the net and wonder across something simply wonderful, this is my favourite kind of discovery. The Iron Scythe is the blog of Pixar story artist James Robertson, and its full of captivating, beautiful rough and loose drawings. Of particular use as a resource for students is this post about using interesting and smart shots to tell a story, I'm adding it to the storyboarding section of the ARC.

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frank said...

Hey Ian that was great. I do like the loose drawings.

I picked up the habit of sketching people again in Paris.

There's a corner of Mary St here in Brisbane where the people gather to cross the road. I think the wait would be less than a minute. It happens at many corners around the city but across the other side of the road, in this case, is the Belgian Beer Bar, and if you get the seat in the big window in the corner, every couple of minutes there is a new bunch of standing poses to sketch. Just enough time for a few sips of Groenenburg as they cross the road then back to sketching.

All in the name of professional development, of course.